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Posted by D-SuN - July 18th, 2009

Been sitting here for a good 5 hours, learning Actionscript 3.0 and Flash Develop. Both very interesting. But my god, actionscript 3 is a pain in the butt so much so that I'm nearly tearing my hair out trying to get things to work! This is also the first time I'm using external .as files too. Very new to the concept. However I shall continue to explore and learn.
I'm also having problems with Armed with Wings 3. Not technical issues at all but major, MAJOR motivation issues. Not even a big pay check is motivating me. The project is nearly dead to me! I can only bear about 10 minutes on it a day. I should have planed it much better. The original design turned out to be too complex and since then I've been blindly working as I go and as a result I've created a mostly boring experience. At least that's how it feels to me.
And so I'm going to post a demo for you Newgrounders to play and review. I'd love some feedback on how much you enjoyed it, if you would continue to play, what you would like to see implemented, gameplay mechanics... yaaada yadaa....

Armed with Wings 3 DEMO

I hope you enjoy this piece of turd. At least the graphics are good.

EDIT: Armed with Wings 3 is Actionscript 2.0

Posted by D-SuN - July 8th, 2009

is coming. 50% done.

Posted by D-SuN - June 29th, 2009

Look at the attached image. The blue is what I was earning averagely for months and months. Some times less. The red area is what I believe is a stuff up on newgrounds side! Why am I suddenly earning shit all! Only reason I'm still getting a few bucks is because my game Red Moon, which runs on a newer API with Medals, is still earning as usual. Funny that everything else on the original API isn't performing at all!
Anyone else strangely earning nothing since the 17th?
Heck I should play music on the street and earn more. Looks like I'm wasting my time trying to make this a good source of income.
Look! Look at the drop on the 17th! lovely. So since january, $20 odd dollar daily until suddenly the 17th comes and FART! Yeah right!


Posted by D-SuN - June 26th, 2009

You all killed him! You bastards just would'nt leave him alone, with your masses of croud harassment, and shitting on him with your bullshit child molestation crap! You fucking sheep! You didn't know Michael like I did! Daaaahhhh!!!

But chea... it's sad stuff and I'm rather upset. I'm`a try to find a good way to pay my respects.
Rest in peace Michael, your in a better place. And fuck you all!! Especially Kirbofucker!

Posted by D-SuN - June 18th, 2009

NiHao fellow Newgrounders,
I've been real sick the past few days. Had the flu. No not the swine flu, the other kind, yes, the common kind. Sick in bed, body pains and aces, fever, some vomiting as well (that was from alcohol though).
But I've recovered mostly and it's back to the rat race, making more flash games and movies.
One of them being called Armed with Wings 3. Probably the last Armed with Wings game and certainly the best; I'm taking this series back to its roots, armed with a sword and an eagle. That means the game will be more puzzle based this time around. I'm looking to have it on a similar scale to AwW2, 5 worlds and 5 bosses. I'm designing the game with an open world, at least for the moment. As the player unlocks new skills, suddenly he will be able to push a bolder out of his way, unlocking a new area to explore. Or something like that. This does make the game somewhat more difficult to program but ay whatever, I'm up for the challenge.
I should also note that I'm focusing a huge amount of time into the graphics! I feel that the game looks amazing already and is a very big accomplishment for me. As for the game play, I hope to address every issues that my old platformers suffered from (pit spikes, jumping, stupid camera). For example, the camera shall now zoom out to revel a pit.
I need to rip this game out rather quickly as I'm desperately needing a lot of money, so expect it kind of soon. Maybe a month and a half.
Screen shots attached and with that, I'm out.
- Daniel
Edit: oh wtf! can only post 1 picture.

Armed with wings 3 in the works

Posted by D-SuN - May 11th, 2009


Posted by D-SuN - April 29th, 2009

I'm finding it extremely hard to animate these days. Even with my Cintiq!
I don't seem to have trouble as much when I draw the clean frames first. But if I try to block out the animate with quick sketches, I find that when I draw the clean frames on top, it looks like shit. I'm finding it hard to use the onion skin and have the rough sketched (its faded) under my new layer in which I do the new drawing. And this is seriously starting to bug me now because I've just spent all this money on the Cintiq and i'm not putting it to good use.
My Cintiq, my beautiful wacom, Has a few issue. I don't know if anyone reading this has a Wacom Cintiq 12wx or not; if so, I'd like to know if you have this issue.
The surface of the screen is smooth at some parts, and rough at other parts. I'll be brushing along a smooth surface but on other parts I can feel and hear the pen dragging along the screen and I can't help but to worry! When you spend this much money it's like DAIM, you'd expect it to be good!
So back to my animation issue.
drawing rushed, basic frames to get the movement down is great, I can do that rather well, as provided below
http://spamtheweb.com/ul/upload/300409 /3910_kick_combo.php
But when I do the clean frames on top, they still look rough, the thickness of some lines changed from frame to frame, giving it a bumpy feel as provided below
http://spamtheweb.com/ul/upload/300409 /4066_throwing.php
This animation here, was directly clean, no blocked out basic stuff. And it looks pretty good too.
http://spamtheweb.com/ul/upload/300409 /3980_face_express.php

Maybe I'm not a cleanup artist? I'll keep practising anyways. I hope to ripp out a lot of cartoons and short films.

Pretty much all i've got to say.

Posted by D-SuN - April 23rd, 2009

My most polished, most epic, most... most unbelievable game yet! Red Moon has been in development since January 8th 2009. Pretty short production time, but lots and lots of polish. One thing I'm the most exited about is that its got Medals! I thank that newgrounds staff for being very helpful in their assistance to help me include these medals.
If you haven't already, please try out Red Moon, I do hope ya'll like it.

Posted by D-SuN - April 18th, 2009

zombie mayhem is doing rather well for a small game! I'm very happy.
Also, Red Moon comes out on the 23rd and a master piece it is.

Zombie Mayhem and Red Moon

Posted by D-SuN - April 4th, 2009

Well, not yet, but I've ordered it.