2D animator and games developer from Melbourne Australia. Currently working on Bluey.

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Just as Facebook is currently undergoing a rebrand, I too have also decided to give my business a new name, logo and web address. Those who follow my work might be thinking “This is strange… Why are you announcing this now? These changes you speak of were made maybe 2 years ago”. Well, yes.... I changed the name, logo, website and even social media handles to a new name in late 2019. However, I never made a formal announcement and never considered this transition complete until the website was done. As of today the website is complete! For everyone else who isn’t aware: the Sun-Studios label has been upgraded to Super Sun Studios!

Check Out SuperSunStudios.com

It's a funky new website

  • For a long time I’ve had issues with the sun-studios.net domain as .com domains are short for commercial whereas .net domains are short for network. My business is not a network. The more ideal sunstudios.com domain was never available to me... The owner wants big bucks for it. I’ve also had a problem with the dash symbol in the sun-studios domain. It’s annoying to verbally explain my domain to people. So at that time in 2005, I registered sun-studios.net.
  • Furthermore there is already an established business called Sun Studios Australia. I’d also like to distance myself from the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis where Elvis Presley recorded some of his greatest work.
  • Sometimes in life as we grow older and wiser, we look back to see our old ideas being outdated and turning stale. Sometimes we need to shed our rotting skin to reveal a fresher, newer self. 

For 15 long years under the name Sun-Studios I’ve been creating games and cartoons. This label encompasses most of my creative career, and even before as a novice creative finding my way. Needless to say, the Sun-Studios label is of great importance to me and therefore picking a new name was a difficult task.

Asking myself what kind of content I want to produce for the future, the answer as always is art, animation and games. The difference is in the past I've always drawn the line too early, releasing my projects with problems that I've told myself are OK. For the future, I want my work to be super charged. To me, Supercharging my work means making sure it’s as spectacular as I can possibly make it as well as being undeniably good. I finally feel like I have just enough experience and skill to make such content and I hope you all agree.

So it is. This is not a rebrand, it’s an upgrade reflecting the spirit of the games industry just as the Nintendo precedes the Super Nintendo, the same is Sun-Studios to Super Sun Studios. 

Time to make some super cool content.

Tech Stuff For The New Site

Regarding the new site itself - I'll now blabber on about the tech stuff that is likely not important to you, but makes me excited. I love the parallax effect, but it was tricky to make and get it working on all screen types. I'm not sure how it looks on older devices, especially IOS devices. I had this effect working on the old static website but one of the goals with the new site was to build it with Wordpress utilizing Themeco's Pro theme builder.

I made some deep edits to the Pro theme template jamming the parallax effect in, and unbelievably it actually works. I was surprised because honestly I'm not a great web dev. So now I have the cool custom background with the Pro page builder on top which allows me to throw content together easily, visually and it's mostly automatically responsive.

What I find so great is that updating my website won't feel like a chore.

I can lay my OCD self to rest with my web presence now in harmony. Everything is @supersunstudios from Twitter to NG, to the website and beyond... The only thing that needs to be unified is my screenname because lately I've been using the TheSunOfMan for gaming and I actually kinda like it more than D-Sun. Ughh, I guess it's time to make that change across every account on every website. Here we go again...


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