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Hear about this from NGPR. Fantastic indeed!

LeoMC responds:

Hey d-sun ! thanks a lot for your comments! :) , where is NGPR?

The first collab - even though it was rough... I loved it so much. I knew I had to be apart of this one so glad it was finished and turned out so well. Amazing work Zettai Absolute!

Nice work. Good roughs. Would like to see a complete animation from ya.

BearsShouting responds:

Thanks bro, your comment means a lot.

All helps to keep the train going :D

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So much potential. This is filled me with inspiration. Love the art. Do add more.

Wow the artwork is so impressive. So much talent! Following many more artists now.

Very good for a gamejam. But sadly, it's an annoying game to play becuse I HAVE to die to illuminate the world - then once I can see the world, I have to perform precision platforming with a fixed jump height and annoying spike collisions ( I should only die if I'm under spikes, not sliding down a wall next to spikes).

Similar to a very fun game called INK on Steam.
INK lets player shoot tons of ink in all directions as a method of illuminating the environment. In your game, there is no equivalent except for dying. It is VERY annoying, or at least interesting. You could do what INK does and solve almost all of this games issues.... at the expense of being unoriginal however.

So perhaps explore other mechanics that serve to empower the player, allowing them to illuminate the world without having to die. Maybe have paint bombs, or a paint gun, or collectibles that burst into paint.

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Wow that was a really inspiring episode. Makes me want to double down on my plans to release a final flash game before Flash is axed. So many great memories rekindled from listening to everyone's journey through the flash game industry, sponsorship deals, growing on NG ect. I'd love to guest on the podcast one day.

cant stop jumping


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Frigging outstanding! Fooled me too, thought it was 2d!

NicoBros responds:

Thanksu man! Means a lot coming from you!

really amazing work. makes me want to get better :0

its great! Looks like charcoal which suits Bakugo really well.

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