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New game coming soon!

2008-01-20 19:02:44 by D-SuN

Hey guyz,
I've got a new game coming soon. Made it in 6 days! I think you all will enjoy it.
Also Power star 4. yea... its coming. Its taking me a while. but I hope you's all like it.
It will be the final and my final sprite movie.


2007-09-05 14:57:33 by D-SuN

About friggin time! Attack of the Brids! check it out!

New Game!! Power Swing

2007-08-05 11:26:04 by D-SuN

Hey all!
I be happy cause I just submitted Power Swing to NG!! AHAHORK (aka Power Ball 2)
Play it now!! (n visit dabontv.com) Its awesome!
You get to hit the ball at each other this time! Knock em off the cliff. TIP!! if the eagle comes, hit it....
So ye. I hope yows all like it. Power Star 4 is comming!! please wait... :o

Current Project update

2007-07-21 08:38:22 by D-SuN

=D Hey guys! (people who browse my page.... if any....)
Just wonna keep yas updated on what im working on.
Power Star 4 is about 60% complete!
I've done most of the action, there alot story that has not been made yet. But unlike part3, there will be lots of story....
check out a clip here: http://www.sun-studios.net/power_star_4.html
Ive got a cartoon currently called "Atteck of the birds"
Its about a boy who runs out of bird food while feeding bird down at the local creek.
And another Power Ball game =D This assigment bust be done by september 11 becasue thats the due date of the assigment (this is a school project)
this time the goal is to knock the other player of the edge of the level by hitting the ball as hard as you can. This should be released in a few days Z0mG
Thats about it...


2007-07-17 21:43:03 by D-SuN

I jumped onto newgrounds today and booom.. Wowah! somthing different :S