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Armed with wings 3 in the works

Posted by D-SuN - June 18th, 2009

NiHao fellow Newgrounders,
I've been real sick the past few days. Had the flu. No not the swine flu, the other kind, yes, the common kind. Sick in bed, body pains and aces, fever, some vomiting as well (that was from alcohol though).
But I've recovered mostly and it's back to the rat race, making more flash games and movies.
One of them being called Armed with Wings 3. Probably the last Armed with Wings game and certainly the best; I'm taking this series back to its roots, armed with a sword and an eagle. That means the game will be more puzzle based this time around. I'm looking to have it on a similar scale to AwW2, 5 worlds and 5 bosses. I'm designing the game with an open world, at least for the moment. As the player unlocks new skills, suddenly he will be able to push a bolder out of his way, unlocking a new area to explore. Or something like that. This does make the game somewhat more difficult to program but ay whatever, I'm up for the challenge.
I should also note that I'm focusing a huge amount of time into the graphics! I feel that the game looks amazing already and is a very big accomplishment for me. As for the game play, I hope to address every issues that my old platformers suffered from (pit spikes, jumping, stupid camera). For example, the camera shall now zoom out to revel a pit.
I need to rip this game out rather quickly as I'm desperately needing a lot of money, so expect it kind of soon. Maybe a month and a half.
Screen shots attached and with that, I'm out.
- Daniel
Edit: oh wtf! can only post 1 picture.

Armed with wings 3 in the works

Comments (35)

Looks beautiful so far, like an enhanced red moon

Thanks man, fingers cross it'll be good.

nice :D

god i cant wait

So, does this still follow the story of the past two? Or is it a story of its own?

Pretty much a story of its own. It'll have certain elements though, maybe some of the same characters playing similar roles.

it looks a lot difrent than the other three (if you count red moon) all of the yellow makes me think that it is color based like a difrent color for each stage

Okay, I just thought of this kickass idea. You could use these, or other characters, in the Original Character Tournaments at Deviantart, assuming you know what those are. You could make short flash movies for your entries, but then turn it into a short boss battle, and then back into a movie. I think that would be pretty awesome :D

It seems wonderful. I can't wait for this, it's only a pity it will be last in the series. I always loved the AwW series, and I wondered if Red Moon came before or after it.

Keep up the good work. :)

So, whats the story in Armed with wings 3? and is it gonna have medals like Red moon?

YEAH! can't wait to see the story.

It seems to have a very different look than your other AwW games. I personally like the lighting effects.


nice looks incredible looking forward to it (but id rather a power star 6) lol not rly good luck

Will it still be a clunky control system?

beepbop, whatever happened to Power Star 5? Skipping to 6 already?

Anyways, if I may suggest something, I recommend separating parts of the world, as done in games like The Legend of Zelda, to prevent any lag or loading wait. The art concept is interesting and well created, in my opinion. I hope to see much from this.


Looks very nice, I'm always loving the AwW series, so I'm anxious to play this one. And I'm sorry about the flu, must've sucked. Also, are you able to find new weapons like the skills like in AwW 2? Or do you stay with the same weapon like in Red Moon?


There shall be new skills unlocked. Even new battle styles, one idea I had was in each town or village, a dojo master teaches you a new weapon.

This looks really cool. If you haven't already come up with all of the characters or bosses, I had a boss in mind and I would be honored if you used him. I love all of your games and movies. Good work on the AWW3. It looks awesome so far.

HELL YEAH!!!!!! CAn't wait for it man! This is going to be better than Red Moon I can tell =D.

Will there be a new protagonist(hero or heroine) or the same protagonist.

looks OK

Whoa! Amazing man, it looks beautiful. I love AwW so I'm DEFINITELY psyched for this. I've actually been a fan of your work for some time now, I love your power swing games XD even though that eagle kills me most of the time lol. Anyways, good luck on this project and I hope to see it become a success.

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