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D-SuN's News

Posted by D-SuN - July 21st, 2015

I usually spend my weekends working on Armed with Wings. That's where I sink in most hours. Last weekend I didn't work on Armed with Wings, sadly... However... I did compete in the #IndiesVsGamers GameJam with my artist buddy Alex Falconer! A Jam that lasted 72 hours! Alex and managed to produce one of the BEST games I've ever made - in my most humble opinion.

I present to you....



It's a top down escort shooter. Your a biker with a gun, and your one job is to protect the VIP limo - don't let enemy destroy it! Grab some xbox controllers and 4 buddies for ultimate fun.

We are extremely happy with how this game turned out. Please play it, and if you like it give it a '5' on GameJolt.

Check out the game on www.motorcadegame.com
Give it a '5' on GameJolt, it would REALLY help.

We submitted the game JUST in time - with only a few minor issues. Once we improve the game some more, we'll be getting it on Newgrounds :)

Posted by D-SuN - May 28th, 2015

How many of you might remember my Armed with Wings flash game series? Anyone? Culmination? RedMoon? Vandheer? Lone Warrior? Blades on Eden? Does any of this ring a bell?

What's that.. it does? Oh good! Ya'll remember Armed with Wings :)

Well, I've got some BIG news! The series is returning after a 4 year heitas!
Armed with Wings: Rearmed has just launched to Steam and Itch.io in Early Access!

BOOM! Here's a sweat gif! *Visualize the Debstep*


Rearmed is in Early Access and will continue to be updated and improved over the coming months. If you've had fond memories of playing Armed with Wings on Newgrounds, definatly check out this new one! Rearmed is a completely created version of the original AwW of 2008.

Perhaps ya'll may be worring that I've abandond browser games for Steam? Never! More of my creative expression will land onto Newgrounds - all a matter of time :)

...So what ya'll waiting for?! Go play ma game!

Steam Store Page

Itch.io Store Page (guys give itch.io a change, it's an amazing website)

Thankyou Tom Fulp for adding Rearmed into the Newgrounds Curator page!

Love all of you! Unless you don't play my game... in whitch case I offer only a cold, silent stare, with the occational eye twitch...

Posted by D-SuN - May 16th, 2015

It's official! Armed with wings Rearmed will be available on Steam Early Access on the....

28th of May 2015 for $7.99!
That's less than two weeks away! Behold the glorious trailer:

Armed with Wings Rearmed is a completly remade game based on the original AwW flash game, which was released here on Newgrounds in 2008! Rearmed is the first AwW game to be released since 2011! So this truley is a celebration that's been a long time coming.

Check out the Steam Store Page
Follow the Development Blog

~I luv u all~

Posted by D-SuN - April 30th, 2015

In my time as a game developer, I've worked on a handful of mobile titles. However... Super Muzzle Flash is seriously fun and addicting!I'm proud to have been a part of the development team. As a part of Dime Studios, I contributed my artistic talent - ultimately, I feel like we've made a game that is not only SUPER fun, but SUPER stylish!

Super Muzzle Flash

Put your lightning-speed reaction skills to the ultimate test!
Super Muzzle Flash is a new spin on the old shooting gallery, only… you can’t see until you shoot!

Featuring gorgeous visuals with a unique pixel art style, developers Dime Studios have managed to deliver gripping gameplay that is intense, instantly accessible, and satisfying to master!

Ready, Set, FIRE!


Search 'Super Muzzle Flash' on the AppStore, GooglePlay Market or Amazon AppStore - It's a free download.

Otherwise, here are the links to each store page:

Web Build

The game is built in Unity3D. Sadly, we may not be able to release a browser version. The Unity WebPlayer will no longer be supported by Google Chrome browser, which is a huge problem for Unity browser games. We can't just release a game that will be unavailable to whateverlarge% of users who use Chrome. The alternative is pushing out a WebGL version, which works but is a bloated 80meg, compared to the 20meg mobile version. Had Unity still supported Flash, there'd be no issue.

I do have plans to build a really simple Flash experience, unique to the web browser. More on that in the coming weeks.

That's all for now! Peace!

-Daniel Sun

Posted by D-SuN - April 22nd, 2015

Posted by D-SuN - December 19th, 2014

My dead Newgrounders!

My upcoming game Armed with Wings Rearmed is now up on Steam Greenlight for voting!  That means it's one step closer to being released on Steam!.


This is were I need your help! Please visit the the games page on Greenlght and check it out, share it, watch the trailer... vote it up ;) It would be HUGELY apprecitated!

Check out Armed with Wings Rearmed on Steam Greenlight

If you haven't heard of my series, this is a clip from Armed with Wings Culmination:

With Rearmed shooting for a Steam release, I'd like to remind everyone that Armed with Wings will not forget it's flash roots - I intend to make MANY more games in the AwW series, more will be coming to Newgrounds.

Follow the AwW facebook here

That is all for now.

- Daniel Sun

Posted by D-SuN - December 7th, 2014

I've added new content to newgrunds this week yay! Very special thanks to my work experience student Joel, you've helped out alot this week :)

Armed with Wings Draft Animation!
I felt that it's been too long since I put an animation of any kind up on newgrounds. This week, I submitted a video which has long been available on my Patreon - a collection of rough WIP animations of Armed with Wings!

Armed with Wings Audio track!
This is an experimental sound loop which I've been producing for Armed with Wings Rearmed. It's intended to be the theme for the 2nd half of the game.

The Result! This is a shot used in the opening cinematic of Rearmed. The Lone Warriors reult of his attempt to challange the empire.

Lastly, I'm now on Twitch! Check out my profile and follow me! I try to stream multiple times a week.... Infact I'm live right now! http://www.twitch.tv/d_sun01/

Thats all... for now!

Posted by D-SuN - November 18th, 2014

I'm always eager to share content on Newgrounds - and so today I've uploaded some new art and music from an upcoming game title:

Armd with Wings Rearmed

The updated edition of my 2008 flash game is coming to PC very soon! Armed with Wings Rearmed vastly improves upon the original game with updated visuals, new audio, more levels, reanimated cutscenes and super cool bonus material!

Artwork: Vandheers Victory

This is a still image from the new intro cutscene. Vandheer standing victorius before he slays the Lone Warrior.

Music: Awaken

I produced this track myself! This is used as the gameplay theme during the first half of the game. It's ambient and eerie... not to bad considering I'm no master at music.

Definatly keep an eye out for Armed with Wings Reamred:


- Bye for now.

Posted by D-SuN - October 15th, 2014

Wassup Newgrounds! I'm PUMPED FULL OF STEROIDS AND WILL HULK SMASH A BABY! And with that in mind, I'd like to announce:

Armed with Wings Versus

This new game in the series is a celebration really - Multiple characters, multiple modes, multiple battle arenas and more! It's you versus the horde - pick a character and rip 'em to bits!

Rather nifty gameplay eh? Those things falling from the sky are called Thorn Stones. They act as a Dark Creature Vessel, spawning monsters from the ground.

Check out some of the new enemies to be added:



The idea is to release the game this year with limited content, and continually supporting the game via updates. That means you get to play more Armed with Wings sooner - and you can even shoot me suggestions to include in updates!

HOWEVER, if you cannot wait until it's release, there is a way to get early access into the alpha! Keep reading to find out how (This is where I get to segue into....)


I've just launched a Patreon Campagin! If you're not familiar with Patreon then listen up, because IT'S IMPORTANT. Patreon is a platform for you guys to supports creators like me. It's similar to Kickstarter - but instead you donate monthly (or once) to keep supporting me throughout long term.

Donations will REALLY help to keep me working on Armed with Wings - and trust me that is all I want to do. A sucsessful Patreon campagin will mean more Armed with Wings in the form of Games, Animations, Comics, Music...

The cool part is this, you get rewarded for your donation! I am constantly adding new content to my Patreon page that is only available to Patrons (those who support me on Patreon)!

- Early Access to my games - Yes, a early copy of Armed with Wings Versus is available for download on Patreon, along side AwW Remastered.

- Cool WIP animations - Want to see some animated fight scenes between Vandheer, Leo, LoneWarrios and Nebula? I put up another video today - a storyboard of Leo and Nebula hacing their first encounter.

- Sketch Book PDFs - I've got so many sketch books I've filled up over the years, years spent designing characters for AwW. Wonna see? Patreon!

- Get a physical Sketchbook -  This one is special, each month I'll be filling in a 30 page book for a special paton. I do my best to make sure each page is a work of art!

Please take a look at my Patreon page: http://www.patreon.com/sunstudios

If you can, donate. If not, please share the page with others on social media :) That would be lovely.For now, that is all - More AwW new soon! Be sure to like the facebook page - cause I'm always posting stuff.

Peace out!

Daniel Sun

Posted by D-SuN - September 24th, 2014

Sup Newgrounders!? I'll tell ta'll - Just launched my NEW WEBSITE BOOOM!

It's been 4 years... 4 long years since I launched Sun-Studios 8. The launch of a new website is always exciting for me... but this time it is different... this time marks the beginning of a new chapter in my life! Allow me to explain: 

Please take a look! Tell me what you think! Become a forum member and lets chat OKAY!?!?!?