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D-SuN's News

Posted by D-SuN - August 5th, 2012

Zombie Mayhem is nearing completion - I'm thinking I need to start making some noise! So I've done some work on building a dedicated website for Zombie Mayhem, here's what I've got: http://zombiemayhem.sun-studios.net/
What do ya'll think!?

Posted by D-SuN - June 18th, 2012

Hey guys,
I'll be living streaming for the next 5 -6 hours (hopfully). Come down 'n chat :P!
Currently drawing, but will also be programming, designing and animating. Should be fun.

Posted by D-SuN - May 4th, 2012

Hey Newgrounders,

I've been receiving many emails regarding Cartoon Network's Young Justice Shadow Mission. Many people are concerned that CN ripped-off my game Culmination; I can't respond to you all so I thought it'd be best to write an open reply to everyone.

The guys at flashgamelicense contacted me during the timeI was seeking sponsorship for Culmination. I was told the game was shown to Cartoon Network, and that they were interested in developing a reskinned version of Culmination to fit their 'Young Justice' IP. This was a huge opportunity for me as I'd be working directly with producers from CN Digital as well as Warner Bros DC. I happily agreed to work with them. The result is Young Justice Shadow Mission.

Thank you to all my followers and fans who voiced their concern that CN stole my game, I'm actually quite flattered to discover that ya'll have such strong feelings attached to my work. But once again, it's all good and legal.

///Project Update
Thought I'd shed some insightful light onto what's coming next. Pffftttt lets see.....

Zombie Mayhem IOS/Android
This game is well overdue, however Steve and myself are making no compromises.
Originally the game was to be developed in as3 flixel. Flixel automatically handles blitting, we thought that blitting was key to make an effective game in flash, for mobile. After testing and optimizing, the game run like shit on basically every device without a dual core processor. It became clear that we needed to change strategy.
I had my eyes on stage3d, and in fact I've dabbled with the Starling framework (amazing framework) extensively. But I wasn't confident that stage3d would be that great on ios. Not to mention at the time, stage3d on mobile didn't exist.
I began to research into a c++ port of flixel, hoping that we could port most of the code. Indeed that's what I found.. sorta.
This is where I discovered the programming language HaXe. Developing in HaXe is nearly the same as developing in flex as3. Except that it kicks the living shit out of adobe's pathetic packager for iphone virtual machine emulated rubbish. Instead haxe can target many different platforms, natively. I can compile to swf, exe via c++, html, ios, android with native performance.
Although there was a flixel port for haxe, we've spent much of the last few months working on our own sound and solid framework for haxe and it's just about ready. So fingers crossed, we'll see Zombie Mayhem on IOS soon.

I've launched a new site http://www.armedwithwings.com/ Sorry there isn't much to see at the moment, however I plan to populate the website with various concept art, promotional stuff, and....

Armed with Wings Animation
I've been meaning to go back to my animation roots for a long time. I hope to make a 1-2 minute battle sequence where I can choreograph all sorts of epicly amazing attacks, spells, abilities ect... The idea is that the animation will help guide the action for future games.

Invaders of Space
Invaders of Space (may or may not be the final name) is a game that myself and a good mate from uni are working on. Originally I was just messing around with some ideas in flash; experimenting with art and code... I remember when megaman 9 came out, I thought it was a missed opportunity that the game was sooo retro. I love retro, but at this day and age, why not take it a step further? For example, look at this: http://v.aimg.us/system/assets/screenshots/005/1 02/508/images/original.jpg
I call this 'New Age Retro', and it's my turn to have a crack at it.
Here is a simple demo:
http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/8c1da98604cd 23bc1fd4ba4c93df1875
Click and drag to select units, wasd to move em, they auto shoot.
This version is done in as3, but there's too much stuff going on screen I decided to port it to haxe.

This is all I can be bothered to write. If you'd like t find out more about all of these projects then please do the following....
Go here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sun-Studios/183619 865005787
Hit like. I update my facebook a lot....
Until next time,
Daniel Sun

Posted by D-SuN - April 30th, 2012

It's been forever since I've updated this blog. I've scummed to lazy habits. Gone are days when I cared for my blogs... But guess what? My lazy dick can suck on my ass penis..... In other words I'm going to make an effort to blog all the time, not waste one single frontpage post (which I will use tomorrow).

Yet another iteration of Leo's head. Leo is the hero from Armed with Wings 3 - and a potential main character for my next AwW game.... I know I draw the same characters over and over... I feel that it is necessary to explore every variation in order to achieve a remarkable character. Thoughts on this head?

Music was also preformed by myself, just felt like doing it.

Might go back and fix up the audio, then submit it into the audio portal....

Posted by D-SuN - January 8th, 2012

Happy 2012 Newgrounds!
I'm hitting the ground running this year! The original Zombie Mayhem (developed my myself and Scoober Steve) is being developed for IOS 'n Android using Adobe Air 3!
The game is being completely recoded in AS3 using Flex and the Flixel Framework. The game will also feature a complete facelift! Old graphics and animation will be completely remastered.
Check out some of the animations...
http://www.sun-studios.net/other/swfdu mp/Craig.swf
http://www.sun-studios.net/other/swfdu mp/Bill_joy.swf

You can play the original here:
http://www.sun-studios.net/viewGame.ph p?view=0
If you want to follow the progress of this game, like this:
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sun-Stud ios/183619865005787

If you have any thoughts, drop a comment please :)

Developing IOS 'n Android games!

Posted by D-SuN - November 24th, 2011

Culmination is OUT!!!
After 7 months of development, Culmination is finally ready to play! Go now, and experience the senseless, combat carnage for yourself!

If you haven't heard of Culmination or Armed with Wings, then check this video out:

Culmination is my action platformer game, based in my Armed with Wings universe. Before I even started production on this game, I knew I wanted to achieve a number of things. I wanted great combat that was clearly a few steps ahead of my previous games. I also wanted the game to run much better than my older games. I've gone to great lengths to optimize the art and code, so that the game runs well on more machines. I also wanted to build a flexible framework that I could reuse for new projects.
The release of this game signifies the completion of these goals.
I hope everyone who plays it has a blast!

p.s vote 5

Posted by D-SuN - July 19th, 2011

Behold! My latest game, Culmination! Action based platformer based in my Armed with Wings Universe. You play as a simple Lone Warrior out to defeat the returned King of the Earth.

It's been nearly 6 months of work on this project. I'm glad that it's finally coming to an end. For more info on this game, http://www.sun-studios.net/

Posted by D-SuN - July 17th, 2011

I need to shove sticks down my pee hole... just saying...

What should I call this dog?

Important news that dictates whether you LIVE or DIE!?!?

Posted by D-SuN - June 22nd, 2011

I've recently joined forces with a programmer who goes by the name of Ongokiller50!
Very talented, very quick coder.
We'll be working on a few projects together.

I'm pleased to announce that he's in fact working on a Power Star game! I should mention that he's just about making the whole thing. He is using my custom sprites but other than that, the code is all his. So expect a Power Star game soon!
For those not sure what Power Star is, It's a short series of sprite animations I did a few years ago.
It can be watched here http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

Onto other news, my game 'Culmination' is nearing completion. Culmination is a spin of game based in the Armed with Wings universe. It takes place during Armed with Wings 3. Expect pure awesomeness.
Here's a quick trailer.

Enough of these silly games. I'm fixing up an old animation that I did back in 2009. It's a 3D short film that I did for school. It a fine piece of work. However it suffers from SOME rushed rendering. I'm going to fix it up and render it out properly. I'm looking forward to the NG redesign, as I'll be able to upload it in video format.

That is all.
Visit http://www.sun-studios.net

Posted by D-SuN - May 10th, 2011

Sup NG'ers,
I've Had this game ready for awhile, finally decided to release it! The success of this game is really important to me as I hope it will raise awareness OF MY WEBSITE, driving traffic to my website/twitter/facebook/youtube ect...
So go play

If however the thought of shooting babies and storks makes you sick, then simply watch the game

If however you despise the very thought of babies being shot, then please don't play Stork Shot. Instead, you may visit my website where I have more friendly games at sun-studios.net

Thanks you,
Daniel Sun