Brushing my Teeth in a Kitchen Sink

2013-01-06 23:14:29 by D-SuN

Happy 2013!

So we've survived apocalypse and find ourselves in 2013... yet Another year. 2011 has admittedly been a dormant year for sun-studios in terms of produce. In terms of quality of life, seismic in the volcanic sense. I personally liken 2012 as... well it's rather hard to describe. Perhaps it was a test of sanity? No, it was more than that. 2012 was littered with hard decisions under incredible stress heights, a constant race against time... a battle for survival. These ingredients forged a wild & emotional rollercoaster ride... and I normally hate rollercoasters...

We've all got issues. I won't detail my issues but I will say I suppress certain ones. They finally blew up in my face in 2012. Though I was aware of it - I succumbed to my unstable emotions. I often felt warped, like a different person. Depression and anxiety killed my work ethic, distorting priorities and goals. This would only worsen as I couldn't keep up with expenses. Desperation eventually would kick in and before long I would find myself crunching extremely hard on project of no relevance... or starting new projects... or going back to work for my old boss... or head butting with colleague over disagreements... screaming too. Sometimes I would just scream (when nobody was around). Can I be blamed? Maybe.
I'm well adapted to the fact that everything takes longer than expected. But I experienced this on a completely different level, constantly. I found this incredibly spirit breaking, like walking through a desert in the scorching heat. That stung. I still wonder why this was true for nearly every project!? So many games that will never see the light of day. So much hidden complexity to every task.

Honestly it wasn't a complete shipwreck. I'll highlight a few points of interest. I participated in the Global Game Jam 2012 and created Seasonal SciFlies which won Most Surprising game in Melbourne GameJam. An experience I'll never forget and certainly one I look forward to in 2013! ci-flies

I hit the slopes during Winter enjoying two snowboard trips to Falls Creek. I spent a total of 4 days and 3 nights carving up powder, speeding between trees, jumping with ambition! In a perfect world I would live in the snow: boarding in the day - making games in the night.

Just recently over the christmas break I took 2 weeks off work. A therapeutic choice. Leading up to Christmas I spent much time with my cousins, my favourite company. We are always enjoying ourselves in the form of new activities. Christmas itself was indeed merry, BBQ after BBQ after... Finally New Year (being my birthday) was good That's all it took. The last 3 new years have been rather terribly upsetting. I'm just happy that I started 2013 with a genuine smile. Do away with the plagues & demons of 2012. Write them off completely -

I bid a bitter good day - So long 2012... you won't be missed! - and yet not forgotten, as there have been many lessons learned. I'll detail these lessons later as this blog post is getting rather large.

So let's get started 2013 - You better be ready to box causing I'm already swinging strong! I've never been more conditioned to the harsh realities life can dish out - so let do this!
*BAMB* Mega Boulder Rampage is OUT! Another great little flash game produced by Steve & myself.
Developed this in around 3 week during September 2012. This game was built was a way to earn some income as Steve & I decided that Zombie Mayhem would take too long to complete... more on that in a sec.

What's next? Well I'm in process of redesigning - There will be a Junkyard section. All the unfinished trash of 2012 accompanied with it's story will certainly be of interest to some right? This is one way to actually improve 2012! The wastes efforts will no longer be wasted. This website is a priority as I like the idea of starting new years fresh. Want to have it done before Feb.

Zombie Mayhem - you have NOT been forgotten. Steve & I killed ourselves working on this project. Although it remains unfinished - you may be playing it sooner than expected :0

This year's focus however will be Armed with Wings! Let me be clear - I intend to make a new Armed with Wings game. A full pc release... a complete experience that will tell the tale of the entire AwW universe. Let me be clear again - this is barely in pre production & will take A LONG TIME TO MAKE.
But don't fear - before this, I will make yet another small AwW spinoff. This hopefully will be a quick project - more of an experiment to test out some new ideas I have for the BIG one.
If you want to stay up to date on Armed with Wings please follow the facebook page - is on my list too

This is the longest blog post I've ever done. A testimony itself to my dedication. I'm confident that 2013 will be a strong year of achievement and enjoyment. Thank you to all my readers and fans who have stuck around - your support continues to inspire me. If there is one this that will never change about me, it's that inspiration will always be my fuel.

Brushing my Teeth in a Kitchen Sink


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2013-01-07 00:00:37

It's late and I don't feel like reading the whole thing, but well done and keep at it.


2013-01-07 01:38:18

Wow... Well, more reason to wish you an awesome 2013! Many people had it really rough in 2012, just look at the NG userbase. I'm glad you take a good attitude for the new year. Ganbare!


2013-01-07 05:16:49

With regards to 2012, it's good to know that you're well. Little help as it might be to read it once in a comment on a blog post, remember your past. Draw inspiration from it, take into consideration the paths that lead to failure and compensate. Though my situation, being a hobbyist filmmaker, is admittedly MUCH less stressful than your own- I can say with honesty that I understand the plights of seeing projects fall into the abyss.

My year was rather decent all around, and I plan to transition that into 2013. I'll be watching you progress, enjoying the many promising works to come and making my own along the way. If you ever need another AwW beta tested again, feel free to hit me up with a link. I'd be honored to help out.


2013-01-07 08:29:13

Hey I'm not sure how interested you are in patching the game you just put out this week, but I got a couple ideas:

Still collecting coins after you die is great, but ontop of that I'd like to steer my dead body in the air with the arrow keys.
I noticed you had that lava just skewing left and right-- did you know that you can mask 10 or 20 horizontal lines that make up the full image, and then move them all on a sine wave to get a way more fun effect? 613a18b176e83fe182baed
Having XP pop-ups INFRONT of the game made it more difficult to see where I was. Maybe have them pop under the gameplay, or vertically-under the bridge.
I don't think it's necessary to tell people to collect coins and avoid boulders at the start.
Seeing as how your animation is all movieclips, it seems like it'd be really easy to have costume unlocks.
-Anyway that's just a list of things you could add in a day or so. Getting Near Misses was cool, and it had sweet effects as usual.

Also lol so far it sounds like basically everyone had a shitty 2012.
I can't remember what Armed With Wings plays like. Is it a combat-focused game? I guess I'll have to watch out for this new one.


2013-01-07 18:56:15

cheers dude


2013-01-07 21:46:44

Epic shall be the new Armed With Wings!!! Sorry to hear about everything you were going through and I hope 2013 is a greater, more calming year than before. Everything you put out is a product of mind-blowing creativity. Wish you all the best in your endeavours and personal life!!!!