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3rd Best of ALL TIME!

2008-10-02 06:08:55 by D-SuN

Awesome Awesome Awesome. Now, i'll watch its score slowly decrease, and in a matter of days, it'll be gone. (This happend with Power Star 2) lol. Oh well, i'm gonna suck it up as much as I can.

3rd Best of ALL TIME!

Power Star 4.5

2008-09-29 21:31:09 by D-SuN

Fully sik omg Tribute. Check it out Power Star 4.5, its funky kool

1337 1337 1337

3 days of frontpage wowowow

2008-09-29 03:22:03 by D-SuN

Not. 3 days of FrontPage yeh thats long enough to get me lots of view! The goal of an animator is to expose your work to as many people as possible. I would have been happy with a week of frontpage. I would have been satisfied. What is bullshit is that when I make a sprite movie that is better than that MarioBall Z crap, he gets frontpage for months, getting 1million views +, I get frontpage for 3 days, and get 53,000 views+. Go figure. The Collab that replaced PowerStar 4 on the frontpage was good, but there was other sutff that could have been taked down to make room. Fuck i'm pissed. Your thoughts?

Power Star 4

2008-09-25 01:19:29 by D-SuN

Hey guys,
I'm about to submit Power Star 4. Or re-submit, whatever....
For those who are very very confused about what happened earlier,
go here http://golden-fox.newgrounds.com/news/

I made a mistake when I submitted Power Star 4, but all should be good, I'm going to submit now.
I hope you's all enjoy.

False alarm!

2008-09-20 23:59:17 by D-SuN

The Forum is back..... and so are the databases...very odd...

My fuckn Forum is dead!

2008-09-20 23:43:44 by D-SuN


Power Star 4 has been released!
Though if you want the link, u'll find it on my forum under Flash Movies.

Power Star 4 trailer

2008-09-08 12:49:02 by D-SuN

http://www.sun-studios.net/animation/p owerstar4.html

Power Star 4 is near! Join ma' forum. Thats were I'll be releaseing it first. Then later onto newgrounds.

Da ha Nearly done!

2008-09-06 06:12:09 by D-SuN

Ait, I got the voices I need! Im putting em in now. Expect a trailer or something rather soon.

Still waitin....

2008-08-14 12:09:35 by D-SuN

98%... I'm still waiting for the voice talent.
Once I get em, it'd be released in no time. until then...

Still waitin....