Animation + Steam Launch

2017-05-30 19:38:14 by D-SuN

Did you know I'm making a Flash Game called Armed with Wings: Rearmed? It's been in early access for 2 years... but... now... it's... launching.... PROPERLY on JUNE 1st!

To celebrate the occasion, I've animated a cinematic trailer! It's rather short, but worth sharing here on Newgrounds because it's certainly the BEST animation I've done! I do hope to add more and create an actually submission.

Check out the animated trailer below:


Please help support the Steam launch!
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I'm thinking about how my creative objectives have hardely changed ever since I started creating on Newgrounds back in 2004. Sure, I use to make VideoGame parodies and Sprite Movies - now I basically only do games. But even back then, I strived to make incredible animated action sequences. 

Ever since The Matrix, I've become obsessed with battle sequences!

Less than 48 hours before the Steam Launch and I'm play testing thoroughly - experiencing and observing my 4 year creation. I have this to say:

- It's Power Star the game, black 'n white with original characters.

Truely. As a game develop with a backbone in animation (particularly Flash animation) I 'code' with animation principles in mind. Using actionscript to dynamically push-and-pull Motion in the same fasion I did with tweens and keyframes... I feel a reminiscent sensation - it's satesfying.

Wish me luck! Hopefully the game dosen't bomb too hard :p


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2017-05-31 03:54:32

So much nostalgia flew onto me with this post! :D
This post made me watch Power Star again, and played Armed with Wing again.

D-SuN responds:

:D Great! I haven't watched the Power Star Series is such a long time!