Rearmed Trials Update [v1.0.1]

2016-10-23 11:33:19 by D-SuN

Rearmed Trials Update v1.0.1

It's raining updates - Rearmed Trials launched onto Newgrounds on October 19th, new features have already arrived!
This update really tightens the whole experience and difficulty, balance and progression have been refined. Bottomline, there are less Dull moments in Rearmed Trials.
Below is the change log:

- Wave Selector: Reach wave 3 to unlock the Wave Selector from the menu. You'll be able to skip to any way you've reached.
- Player Indicator: added - Displays your Newgrounds username!
- Action Camera: re-implemented as it was remove in the first update
- Boss Battle enhancments: Vandheer now has more attacks, and is able to escape stun locking.
- Spawner and difficulty: Improved balancing.
Less Rock Pillers: Less rock pillers

Check out the changes, Smash your old Score to pieces, play Rearmed Trials:

Plans for the near future

Nothing is yet set in stone, but I am planning at least 1 more content update. I'm thinking about a Newgrounds exclusive Boss and Medals. Still trying to figure out a good way to host some kind of competition or Steam Key giveaway.

Open to ideas so please feel free to ask me anything!


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