2016-03-04 09:12:29 by D-SuN

In particularly, AIR Desktop developers. As you may know that StageQuality.Medium and Low are disabled in AIR Desktop - High quality is the lowest option. This is a hindrance to my game Armed with Wings, it's a hindrance to Matt and his game Epic Battle Fantasy 5, it's a hindrance to Veselekov and his game Ghost Ranger 199X and many more!

Any AS3 Game Dev will be able to appreciate the Low Quality options. Armed with Wings is a vector heavy game - it's actually quite optimized. However some people have older computers, and they do experience lag.

If I was able choose Medium StageQuality, everyone gets a performance boost. I could even increase the games resolution too.

The link below is to a feature request on Adobe's website. Please vote this request up.

I've been able to inform the Flash/Animate CC team on twitter, they acknowledged the request and mentioned they would run it by the AIR team. Fingers cross this actually happen!


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2016-03-04 10:05:00

As an alternative I just use regular Flash exe projector, which is swf embedded in exe.

D-SuN responds:

That's a good solution, but sometimes we require AIR for certain features - It really needs a Low / Medium quality.


2016-03-04 11:38:19

Doesn't affect haxe dev too much, but I voted all the same.

D-SuN responds:

Cheers :)


2016-03-04 22:20:10

Really feels like there should be better ways to handle vectors like that. I will vote


2016-03-05 01:16:20

You know, after working with Unity for a little while, and even after working with some packages built on top of flash, it's become pretty clear that flash is just kind of crap these days...

D-SuN responds:

Unity is more powerful and will be my 'go to' engine if anything happens which completely puts flash out of the game.

Otherwise I prefer to use Flash for 2D development over Unity purely due to workflow. I like MovieClips, AS3 and the DisplayList. I dislike Monodevelop, Prefab management and the unity animator.


2016-04-19 13:48:25

Will definitely vote, I don't have much experience with AIR in particular, but I do get a bit annoyed with regular Flash games that lag, where the right-click menu's disabled AND there's no quality toggle built-in. Better resource usage might be the solution in most cases, but adjusting quality is such a simple fix in most games.

On the topic of Unity vs Flash btw, I still opt for Flash since it's so much lighter on system resources. Hope devs have in mind that low-end systems can't always handle everything as well.


2016-07-30 04:14:07

Sorry for eventual disturbing...
I want to ask you some things:
1) Please give me that punch sfx, or if they're in Pepper sound pack give me the name, 'cause I'm becoming mad to search them.
2) The Mario fighting sprites. Not all of them, only the sprites that aren't in "Super Smash World" sheet. The others.
I want to make a Mario movie, and I lost my custom ones...