Leo in Culmination!

2013-10-24 16:54:30 by D-SuN

Followers of my Armed with Wings Facebook page might have seen some video of Leo in Culmination.... For the past few days I've been working on getting Leo into Culmination.

The reason? I intend to make an Armed with Wings Survival game in which Leo is a playable character!

The result... speaks for itself:

If you can't see the video, just go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJXz-lTt3HI
I'll be working very hard to get this game out very soon! You guy's deserve some more Armed with Wings!


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2013-10-24 21:54:11



2013-10-25 16:15:39

Why don't you make a new Culmination game instead of taking parts from old games and stacking them together, what is even the point in doing that?


2013-10-27 10:07:54

Pleeeeeeeeeease tell me Leo will have God Strike.


2013-12-13 05:02:55

can't wait for it!!
when's it gonna be released?


2013-12-18 15:08:37

Nah. Leo is too slow; he won't stand a chance against Vandheer Lorde


2014-01-12 19:19:26

This looks fucking dope sick as hell.

I hope it plays as good as it looks.


2014-04-17 06:20:13

when when when you will release another chapter of armed with wings D:!....?