is a go!!!!

2013-07-10 00:49:37 by D-SuN


Some of you may remember a game series called Armed with Wings. For the fools who have not then stop... just stop........

.... and watch this:
*Can't seem to embed video fkn*

I'm announcing the launch of my Armed with Wings website! Everyone should visit.
This website will act as my vessel to deliver updates on the development of the 'BIG ONE'!
If you are a fan of AwW please follow this website and facebook page. I want Newgrounders to be actively involved in the AwW community! I want Newgrounders to have input in the creative process! Newgrounds is my internet home - and so with any game I make, I think about Newgrounds first!

That is all.
Thank you.

-Daniel Sun is a go!!!!


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2013-07-10 01:28:49

Finally, I've been waiting for another AwW for the longest time

D-SuN responds:

:P it's happening! Keep ur eyes glued to the site :D


2013-07-10 06:40:13

What is this weird feeling in my pants?


2013-07-10 16:14:29

Awesome stuff! I look forward to the next stuff by you! :D


2013-07-11 03:29:47

I've been a huge fan of the games and your other work, I look forward to "the big one" :) ill try to keep up if im not busy and forget

D-SuN responds:

hehe thank you! Like the Facebook page and I'll be able to keep you up to date :)