New game out! POWPOWPOW!

2013-05-16 05:20:10 by D-SuN

Hello Newgrounders!
Just released my new game Super Mario POWPOWPOW which has received Daily 4th today!

The game is a Nintendo inspired mixture of Mario and Icytower. Featuring 15 levels, 6 unlockable characters, 7 acheivments and online leaderboards. Go play it already!

I'll quickly give you guys a Sun-Studios update while i'm at it. Currently have 2 other active game projects. One of them is contracted and under NDA. The other is Keyboard Command - a game I started developing last year with my art buddy Alex. The project came to a halt and was unvisited for months. Good news is that it is been picked back up and will be completed shortly.
Now that POWPOWPOW is out, I've got space for another 1-2 month project. I plan to spend that time developing Armed with Wings while also collabling on a short game project.

That's all for now. More at my facebook here: SUN-STUDIOS FACEBOOK


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2013-05-16 11:25:46

Left Me Speechless The Game ! Good Effects Of Mario !
I Guess I'll Help ... I Will Recommend !
It Has Won My Respect ! Has Talent !
Still Working Well ! 5TARS ! :3


2013-05-16 20:47:37

Did you leave for a while? Seems like I haven't seen your work in a while.


2013-05-17 12:59:53

power star 5 thox


2013-05-18 14:05:19

Just played the new game. POWPOWPOW!


2016-08-17 02:36:21

Which are the musics you used for this game?
For now I found only a music.
Mario's Underground Challenge