Samurai Autumn + New Armed with Wings

2013-02-02 00:21:39 by D-SuN

Samurai Autumn is out now here on Newgrounds! Can everyone please play & vote?
The portal is a little swamped today, it's the first time I've seen so many 'under judgement' games - too much purple.
I realize that my season timing is off - but surely it's Autumn somewhere in the world. Samurai Autumn is a sort of iteration on top of Ninja Bolt - which is a really crappy android/flash game I did in 2011.

In other exciting news, I'm working on a new Armed with Wings! It's not the huge epic game that I've been hyping up... but another short flash game that will set the foundation for the new game. I've got some interesting ideas that I'd like to test out... one of them is using Box2d to handle collision detection. I won't detail too much more at the moment but keep your eyes stuck onto the Armed with Wings FaceBook Page as I hope to have some new info ready for next week.

Samurai Autumn + New Armed with Wings


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2013-02-02 07:34:56

When I read Armor With Wings I instantly jumped onto the page.

It was one of the first flash games I played, and still remains one of the most artistic ones. And in Culmination, you outright surpassed yourself.

Keep doin' what you do best.